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Sundown Naturals Vitamin D

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Sundown Naturals vitamin D

Sundown Naturals vitamin D provides a supplemental dose of this essential nutrient. Some versions include a combination of both vitamin D and calcium, since these nutrients work in concert in the body. Sundown Naturals makes several types of vitamins and supplements including vitamin B and fish oil.

Taking vitamin D supplements

Vitamin D, which is also called the sunshine vitamin because the body can produce it when exposed to sun, is necessary for proper bone development and maintenance as well as to boost the immune system. This nutrient may also support breast health in women and boost colon health. Many people do not get enough sun exposure to produce sufficient vitamin D, and few foods contain high levels of this nutrient, so vitamin D supplements are useful for boosting blood serum levels of this vitamin. Sundown Naturals vitamin D supplements provide between 1,000 and 2,000 IU of vitamin D.

Taking Sundown Naturals vitamin D

Sundown Naturals vitamin D supplements come as liquid softgels, so they are easy to swallow and act rapidly once swallowed. Sundown Naturals vitamin D uses vitamin D3, the most effective form of this vitamin available. Compared to vitamin D2, vitamin D3 is more potent and has a higher level of bioavailability. Most people who take vitamin D supplements use one to two softgels each day to ensure sufficient levels. This nutrient is stored in fat cells, so excess amounts get stored instead of being excreted out of the body, which is what happens to water-soluble nutrients, such as vitamin C.

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