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Support socks

Whether you're at the office, a social event, taking part in an athletic activity or just working around the house, support socks come in styles for any occasion. With men's support socks and women's support socks both available in a number styles, sizes and colors, your feet and legs will feel their best no matter what you're doing.

Enjoy comfort and style with our selection of support socks

Available in casual, dress, athletic and diabetic styles, support socks include features that offer all-day comfort. Some styles have a smooth, flat toe seam and knit-in heel for maximum coziness. Or your feet may benefit from a shock absorbing, cushioned sole, or moisture control fibers that help keep your feet dry and comfortable while you're on the move. For those needing more therapeutic support, these socks can also increase circulation and reduce swelling, helping your feet feel great all day long.