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Sure antiperspirant

Sure antiperspirant helps keep your underarms dry and prevents odors. These effective and safe deodorant products halt the growth of bacteria while reducing underarm sweating. Walgreens.com carries several deodorants and antiperspirants from well-known brands.

Deodorant options

When you are looking for an underarm deodorant, you have many options to choose from. Sure antiperspirant and deodorant comes in a few different scent versions, including an original scent and fresh scent. You can also opt for an unscented Sure antiperspirant if you prefer to avoid fragrances completely. If your goal is to keep your clothing free of white deodorant streaks, you might want to use an invisible solid antiperspirant. Another option is to choose an aerosol antiperspirant that sprays on instead of a solid deodorant that has to be swiped on.

Antiperspirant alternatives

Sure antiperspirant can be used by both men and women, but if you prefer a more personalized deodorant experience, you might opt for an antiperspirant made specifically for males or females. Women's deodorant tends to come in lighter scents than men's deodorant. Some people may prefer to use an all-natural antiperspirant with ingredients such as aloe vera or tea tree oil. Others may need a sport deodorant that can handle the excessive sweating that goes along with heavy physical activity. No matter what antiperspirant option you choose, make sure to shop Walgreens.com for all of the other personal care products you will need, such as soap and body washes, to keep underarms and body clean and free of odor.