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Swivel scooter

If you need a scooter to help improve your mobility, consider a swivel scooter that's easy to get on and off of. These mobility scooters feature a convenient swivel seat that allows you to sit down or get up without twisting your body. Here at Walgreens.com, we carry swivel scooters from Shoprider with three wheels and other features to help you get around more easily and independently.

More scooters

In addition to swivel scooters, you can find many types of electric scooters that can be fun and easy to use. Some are made for primarily indoor use, while you can use others on sidewalks and other outdoor areas. Besides 3-wheeled electric scooters, there are four-wheeled scooters that offer additional stability. Choose one that meets your height and weight specifications and can be easy and safe for you to get on and off of.

Mobility anywhere

For occasions and locations where you can't use your scooter, you can use other mobility assistance products. Rollators and rolling walkers can be easy to maneuver and can feature a seat for resting as well as hand brakes for safety. Traditional walkers come in folding models that are simple and convenient for travel. We also carry canes, crutches and wheelchairs for your mobility, safety and independence.