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Tall Crutches

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Tall crutches

To help you get around easier and more safely, make sure your crutches are the right height so you aren't stooping and straining your back. Tall crutches are available in tall and extra tall for comfortable support. These traditional crutches usually are bariatric and are able to support larger individuals. You'll also find forearm crutches here at If you don't need heavy duty support, these lightweight crutches are for you. Shop our selection of tall crutches from brands TFI Medical, Nova and Drive Medical.

Improve your mobility

Walking aids such as tall crutches are one example of the range of sizes and styles of mobility devices available to help you get around more freely. Medical crutches come in a variety of options. Modernized crutches are similar in style to traditional crutches but have some design innovations to make them even more comfortable. Forearm crutches are another option that offers more lightweight support and are easier for some to manage.

Off you go

You can find crutch accessories for traditional crutches here including soft underarm pads and non-slip handgrips for added comfort. In addition, has an entire section dedicated to home medical products from bathroom safety to wound care, medical hosiery to knee braces and back supports. Mobility devices in particular span from rollators and walkers to canes and wheelchairs. In addition, we carry accessories for most of these items as well, including walker glides, walker wheels and wheelchair cushions.

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