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Walgreens, Playtex, Tampax, o.b. and Moxie offer a wide variety of tampons to meet your varied feminine care needs. These female health and hygiene products are available in different sizes and levels of absorbency, such as light, regular, super, super plus and ultra to accommodate the different flow you experience throughout your menstrual period. Multi-packs are available as well with an assortment of sizes in one convenient box. Choose from scented or unscented, cardboard applicators, plastic applicators or no applicator - all in various quantities.

Additional feminine hygiene options

All of your feminine hygiene needs are not met by tampons alone. Perhaps you prefer to use feminine pads over tampons or you use both tampons and pads at different times during your cycle. Pads are also designed to meet different menstrual flows with varying levels of absorbency. Pantiliners offer another option for use during heavier flows with tampons or alone for very light days.