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Taster's Choice

If you want a fast, flavorful cup of coffee any time the mood strikes you, Taster's Choice is a great coffee brand to consider. The instant coffee crystals produce a deep, flavorful drink with a fabulous aroma that you can enjoy in minutes.

Coffee varieties with Taster's Choice

Whether you want to enjoy your coffee steaming hot, or you prefer a cooler iced coffee treat, Taster's Choice coffee is a great selection for you. You can make your morning coffee with a traditional roast and enjoy a cup of decaf coffee in the evenings, all with Taster's Choice instant coffee. You can find instant coffee crystals in a variety of flavors and styles. If you want to enjoy a cup of coffee on the go, single-cup packets are a versatile and portable way to have your favorite coffee any time you want it.

Coffee drinks and other treats

Instant coffee crystals are a highly versatile ingredient in the kitchen. You can add Taster's Choice instant coffee to your chocolate treats to enhance the flavor of the chocolate. Instant coffee also adds a rich brown color and woodsy flavor to stew broth or chili without adding a coffee flavor to the recipe. Use instant coffee crystals anywhere you would use an espresso or add a mocha flavoring. With instant coffee crystals, you can make a frozen coffee treat with ice cream, milk and flavored syrups, or create a rich hot coffee with flavored syrup and whipped cream.

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