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Teeth Bleaching Kits

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Teeth bleaching kits

A bright and beautiful smile doesn't always come naturally. In fact, your everyday habits might be getting in the way of the white smile you desire. Drinking coffee, red wine or soda, or smoking cigarettes can lead to unwelcome stains on your teeth. Eliminating those stains can be challenging, and you might not have the budget or time for a costly professional whitening treatment. Fortunately, Walgreens can offer professional-quality teeth bleaching at home, allowing you to create a whiter smile without ever visiting the dentist's office for a professional treatment. With a range of teeth bleaching kits to choose from, Walgreens can help you brighten that smile with ease. Investing just a few minutes every day during your oral care routine into bleaching your teeth can lead to long-lasting results. You'll be happy to show off your pearly whites after you invest in teeth bleaching kits from Walgreens.

A simple path to whiter teeth

Consider your teeth when choosing a bleaching kit from Walgreens. Several styles are available, with each kit producing impressive results, giving you a whiter and brighter smile. Bleaching gels feature neutral pH-balanced, water-based formulas that minimize potential tooth sensitivity, a common issue with some teeth bleaching kits. These gels target tartar and external stains that accumulate on your teeth, thereby reducing their brightness. Add this powerful bleaching gel to custom-made bleaching trays or boil-and-bite trays, which allow you to quickly and effectively apply the gel to your teeth for impressive results. You can wear the bleaching gel trays for one to four hours twice a day or even brighten your teeth overnight as you sleep. You can purchase the full teeth bleaching system from Walgreens, or you can purchase additional bleaching gels to extend the life of your system. When used daily, you can discover a brighter and whiter smile in seven to fourteen cumulative sessions. Monitor your teeth, and continue using your bleaching kit once a day until you achieve your desired level of whiteness. Thanks to Walgreens, you can discover the brighter smile you have always wanted. Conveniently use these teeth bleaching kits from the comfort of your home, and enjoy fast and effective results.

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