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Teeth Whitening Strips

Look your best with the aid of teeth whitening strips. While the name may suggest otherwise, bleaching strips actually do not contain any bleach. Instead, they usually rely on peroxide-based ingredients that gradually whiten your teeth. Dental whitening strips are available over-the-counter from many leading tooth-care brands, including Crest, Rembrandt and Dr. Collins, as well as in-house alternatives.

Gain more thorough results

Make sure all of your teeth are whitening at once with a whitening gel system. These systems use trays with whitening gel that fit around your teeth. These trays whiten both sides of your teeth and do so faster. Another option is the gradual method of toothpaste. Many dentists prefer this method of whitening because whitening toothpaste options use a mixture of exfoliants and peroxide-based whiteners to improve the look of your teeth gently. Brush your teeth regularly with toothpaste made for whitening, and see results after a few weeks of use. Make sure to check out all of the teeth whitening options at Walgreens to find the right technique for your teeth.