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Teething Tablets

Bring some relief to your infant or toddler with teething tablets. Pain relieving baby teething tablets help to soothe swollen gums, while alleviating discomfort and irritability. Using homeopathic teething tablets is an easy way to calm your child without resorting to messy remedies that are difficult to administer. Consider teething tablet options from brands that include Baby Orajel, Hyland's and Gentle Naturals.

Relieving teething pain

When new teeth pushing through the gums, it is not uncommon for children to experience extreme discomfort. Teething gel contains numbing properties that help reduce the painful sensations occurring inside your little one's mouth. Teething relief liquid is another popular choice, as you can easily administer this medication directly to the gums of your child. No matter which teething product works best for you, these powerful tools are a simple way to help your little one deal with the pain brought on by new teeth.