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Temporary Hair Color

Want to reinvent your everyday look or get a great new style to impress at a special event? Changing your hair color can have you feeling and looking like a whole new person, and it's possible to get dramatic results without having to make a permanent color commitment. At Walgreens, we offer a wide variety of temporary hair color products to help you re-do your hairdo.

What Is Temporary Hair Color?

Hair color products are used to completely change the color of the hair, deepen or enhance natural color or cover over gray growth. Most hair color products use chemicals or natural ingredients to deposit pigments on the middle or inner layers of the hair strands, resulting in color effects that last through many shampoos or are permanent. Temporary hair color products change hair color without any long-term effects on the natural color or health of the hair. Instead of depositing pigments below the outer covering of the hair, temporary hair color rests on the surface of the hair and can be washed away with just one shampoo. This makes temporary hair color products perfect for testing out a new color or changing your color for a specific event.

Temporary Solutions for Touching Up Roots

Many men and women use permanent hair color to disguise gray growth and help them appear more youthful. One disadvantage of permanent hair color is that new growth emerges in a person's natural shade, which can lead to very noticeable differences in hue. If you want to go longer between permanent hair color touch-ups or need some last-minute coverage before a special event, you can use a touch-up temporary hair color solution. These products include powders that are dusted onto the roots of the hair and spray-on formulas that can match your chemically treated color to blend new growth.

Hair Fibers for Scalp Coverage

If you're suffering from hair loss, temporary hair color solutions can help you to fill in thinning spots and create the illusion of fuller tresses. Hair fibers are temporary color solutions that are shaken, dusted or sprayed onto areas of thinning. The small fibers are made from material that is similar to natural hair and can cling to existing growth for very natural effects. These products will remain in place until you shampoo and come in many different colors to suit your needs. You can also shake on hair fibers to make fine hair appear thicker.

Spray-in Formulas for All-Over Color and Highlights

Looking for more dramatic temporary hair color results? You can find an array of products that can be used to completely color your hair or create highlights. Liquids and sprays are most commonly used for full coverage, as they can be applied quickly to the entire scalp. All-over formulas are available in both traditional colors like red, light and dark brown, black and blond and in daring hues like blue and pink. Some sprays have controlled applicators that allow them to be used to produce thick streaks. You can also purchase hair chalk and crayons to add highlights or streaks. These beauty care products allow for a high degree of control and come in many vibrant colors.