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Tennis Ankle Braces

When you hit the court for a tennis match, you need to be able to twist and turn freely and run to return. You can't afford to have ankle pain or an injury hold you back. Wearing a brace may help you support and protect your ankles so that you can play at your best and give every game your all. With a wide assortment of options, Walgreens is sure to have the ideal tennis ankle brace for your needs.

Compression Sleeves for Tennis Players

Compression sleeves or braces are one of the most popular options of ankle support for tennis players. A compression sleeve is a stretchy sheath of neoprene or elastic that is pulled over the foot. Its design keeps the toes and heel open. The materials used to make compression sleeves squeeze the foot, opening up the blood vessels to increase circulation. As a result, a compression ankle brace helps to keep the ankle joint flexible and reduces the risk of stiffness.

The brace also warms the ankle, which can decrease the likelihood of an injury occurring. Many tennis players find that wearing a compression brace improves their balance. For all of its many benefits, a compression ankle brace may not provide enough support for an ankle that has already suffered an injury. Your doctor can help you decide if it's the right solution for you.

Supportive Ankle Braces

For tennis players that need a little more ankle support, there are brace options available beyond compression sleeves. Your doctor may recommend a more supportive brace if you have previously injured your ankle, are currently recovering from an injury or are at an increased risk for an injury. One popular type of supportive ankle brace among tennis players is the lace-up brace. Made from cloth, a lace-up brace supports the ankle and helps to prevent rolling from side to side. Similar designs with Velcro closures are also available. Both of these types of supportive ankle braces have a stirrup design that keeps the heel and toe areas open.

Considering Size

An ankle brace won't provide the right level of support when you're playing tennis if it does not fit your foot properly. To determine what size is right for you, you can measure your ankle around its smallest point. Then, consult the sizing charts provided on the product description pages to determine into which size range you fall.