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Therapy lamps

You can get an energy boost, skin and muscle benefits or treatment for seasonal affective disorder from different types of therapy lights. Light therapy lamps can come in different colors, sizes and light types for use in the home or office. Brands Day-Light and LED Technologies feature therapy lamps with the power of full-spectrum, infrared and other light types.

Varieties and uses

SAD lamps are a kind oflight therapy lamp that simulates natural sunlight to help alleviate the symptoms of seasonal affective disorder. Using these lamps for a certain amount of time each day, typically in the morning, may brighten your mood. You can use other therapy lights to help you concentrate while working at a desk. For muscle pains, there are devices that focus light from LED bulbs. These lights may also help increase collagen production to fight signs of skin aging.

More lighting options

Between light therapy sessions, you can furnish your home with the bright, uplifting warmth of floor lamps that replicate sunlight. We also carry sunlight meters here at Walgreens.com. These meters measure the UV index to help you determine what level of suntan lotion you need during prolonged exposure to sunlight.