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Thermal Hair Spray

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Thermal hair spray

Protect your hair from the effects of heat styling with thermal hair spray. Your hair can become dry and frizzy from continual use of high heat hair dryers, flat irons and other heat styling tools. Condition and guard against damage by spraying a thermal protection hair spray on your hair prior to styling. Try heat protection hair spray from Tresemme, Matrix or CHI.

Condition and style

Certain thermal hair sprays should be applied before drying your hair and others can be sprayed on dry hair before using a straightening iron or curling iron. Some of these hair sprays not only have conditioning ingredients for healthier hair, they also hold your hair in place so you can protect and style your hair with just one spray. In addition to heat protection hair sprays, you can also find hair serums that guard against excessive drying.

Hair stylers for all

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