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Thickened Juice

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Thickened juice

For people who have swallowing difficulties, thickened juice can be a reliable source of daily nutrition. These thickened foods for stroke and swallowing problems come in various flavors that make them pleasant to drink. Look for thickened juice made from apple, orange and other fruit flavors from brands such as Resource and Hormel.

Available options

When choosing a thickened juice, your options include formulas with honey or nectar consistencies to help promote ease of swallowing. Also consider the various nutrients that these juices contain, such as zinc, vitamin C and calcium. Some thickened juice is made from 100% fruit juice, while others are made with additional ingredients and blends.

Nutrition for swallowing difficulties

Our wider selection of medical nutrition products here at includes many options for proper nourishment. You can find pureed food in a variety of flavors. There are thickeners that you can add to regular juice or tea, as well as thickened water that's flavored and enriched with vitamins and minerals. We also carry general nutritional supplements to add to your diet.

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