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Tiger Balm

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Tiger Balm

When you're craving relief from sore muscles throughout the day, consider using Tiger Balm. Multiple forms of the product are available to help meet your exact needs. Pain relief treatment is available as a cream, patch or ointment so you choose an option that fits your specific pain relief needs.

Pain relief patches

Tiger Balm offers pain relief patches, which make it easy to target a localized area of pain. Featuring a flexible design, the patches allow you to continue working comfortably as you soothe the area. They are also thin, so they won't stand out when worn beneath your clothes. Because they are designed to provide hours of relief, you can get on with your day without constant reapplications. Simply replace the patch later in the day if needed. The nongreasy formula helps ensure that your clothing remains clean between applications. For larger areas of muscle pain, consider using a pain relief ointment from Tiger Balm.

Ointments and creams

Tiger Balm ointment is a concentrated formula that can be used multiple times throughout the day. The small container allows you to easily carry it along for workouts, sports, and more. If you wear light-colored clothing, consider purchasing the ointment that is specially formulated not to stain. Also consider the level of pain you're experiencing, as Tiger Balm is available in different strengths. For a sore neck and shoulders, opt for the pain relief cream. It can be used as a massage cream while you sit at your desk or unwind after a long day. The formula acts quickly, making it a suitable product to use during short breaks.

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