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Titanium Wheelchair

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Titanium wheelchair

Despite the basic commonalities, no two wheelchairs (and no two wheelchair users) are the same. The materials used to construct a given model, as well as its particular configuration, obviously make huge differences in its practical function, and what works for one person's needs may be untenable for another's. Yesterday's wheelchairs could be spectacularly heavy and unwieldy, but modern versions--particularly those of rigid-frame rather than folding construction--tend toward the sleek and highly maneuverable. While many models are still rendered from steel or aluminum, some of the lightest on the market are made from titanium. If you're weary of hard-to-control, demandingly bulky wheelchairs or other mobility aids, perhaps it's time you considered a titanium version. Catalogued here you'll discover the full Walgreens lineup of ultra-light titanium wheelchairs, walkers, rollators, and transport chairs. Given this broad array, you're sure to find what you need to boost your mobility to the next level, all by embracing today's cutting-edge engineering.

Benefits of choosing a titanium wheelchair

Titanium alloys are valued in rigid-wheelchair production because they combine a remarkably light weight with premium strength and durability-typically to a greater degree even than aluminum, also popular in ultra-light wheelchair manufacturing. Being a nonferrous metal, thus lacking weighty iron, titanium makes for a nimble and fleet wheelchair or transport chair with high responsiveness-in other words, one that's a joy to use. The lightness of titanium models, however, belies their toughness: they stand up well to wear-and-tear and corrosion, making them long-serving and reliable. Easy to control and power, the modern rigid-model titanium wheelchair functions far more like an extension of your body than some stubbornly burdensome apparatus. A titanium-constructed rollators, transport chair, or combination model is similarly all the more efficient to use given its lightweight construction. Materials aside, you'll naturally be considering all the other design features these devices come equipped with when making your ultimate decision. We encourage you to read through the customer reviews on each item for further insight. For those in the market for lightweight, strong, and highly durable mobility aids, titanium may be just the keyword.

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