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Toddler Monkey Costumes

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Toddler Monkey Costumes

Dressing up a toddler in a costume is always fun, especially when you find the perfect outfit to bring your costume idea to life. If you have your heart set on dressing up your little monkey as a monkey for Halloween, a costume party, a photo shoot, a performance or just for fun, Walgreens has a selection of toddler monkey costumes available in styles that you're sure to love.

Adorable Monkey Costumes for Little Ones

Monkeys are cute, cuddly and playful, and as a result, monkey costumes are popular dress up ideas for toddlers. Monkey costumes for toddlers aren't just adorable. They're also simple, comfortable choices for Halloween and other occasions. That's because most monkey costumes for toddlers consist of a warm, one-piece costume with built-in feet and a hood or hat to cover the head. The costumes are easy to put on a toddler and provide protection from chilly weather. Some even include a tail that your little one will love to play with and shake.

Completing Your Child's Costume

Most monkey costumes come with the essential pieces for dress-up, but you may want to add a few additional touches to finish the look. You can use a hypoallergenic or natural eyeliner pencil to add some color to your child's face. You may also want to purchase a short sleeve onesie or one-piece bodysuit for your toddler to wear under the monkey costume. This will provide a layer of warmth and cover your toddler's diaper or training pants. All of the little extras that you need to finish your toddler monkey costume are available at Walgreens for your convenience.

Choosing the Right Size for Your Toddler

Toddler monkey costumes are sold in specific sizes, and you'll want to select the perfect option for your little one. The sizing corresponds to toddler clothing sizes, and you can see the options available on the product pages of the costumes. Be sure to take into account any extra layers that your child may need to wear beneath the costume. If you'll be outside trick or treating in cold weather and may have your child fully dressed under his or her costume, you may need to go up one size.

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