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Toenail Clippers

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Toenail Clippers

Even though it might not be the most enjoyable task, regular trimming of the toenails is a necessary grooming practice for everyone. Luckily, trimming your toenails is a relatively easy task as long as you have an adequate pair of toenail clippers. Here at Walgreens, we have a wide supply of toenail clippers that will allow you to conveniently and safely give yourself pedicures at home.

Types of Toenail Clippers

For a product that seems pretty simple, you might not realize how many different varieties of toenail clippers are actually available. Most of these products distinguish themselves from fingernail clippers by being slightly larger and having more force in their mechanisms in order to cut through thicker nails. Some products include a nail file that swivels out in order to help you smooth edges. Others are designed with plastic or rubber grips that allow you to easily control the tool during the clipping process. Some people prefer to use products known as toenail nippers rather than traditional compound-lever clippers. These tools resemble a pair of pliers and are held slightly differently.

How to Care for Toenails

Nail care actually requires you to use proper technique when trimming in order to avoid injury or infection. While toenails can occasionally be brittle and prone to breakage, soaking your feet before trimming may help soften them up. When you clip the nails, try not to leave any jagged corners that could break your skin later. You should also avoid cutting nails too short because doing so can make painful ingrown toenails more likely to develop. It's never a good idea to use regular scissors or other tools to cut toenails. Instead, always opt for specially designed toenail clippers and keep them disinfected with rubbing alcohol in order to avoid spreading germs.

Whether you like to paint and decorate your toenails for beauty purposes or just keep them plain, your home pedicures will always need to include routine trimming whenever the nails grow too long. You can easily find the toenail clippers you need to get the job done quickly here at Walgreens.

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