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Toilet Bowl Brushes

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Toilet Bowl Brushes

Cleaning the bathroom--and the toilet, in particular--is often one of the most dreaded household chores. Luckily, several innovations have been developed through the years to try to make this unpleasant job as quick and easy as possible. Here at Walgreens, we have a wide selection of toilet bowl brushes to keep your commode spic and span.

Brushes to Pair with Toilet Bowl Cleaner

Simple brushes that need to be paired with a separate toilet bowl cleaning product have been the most popular variety for years, and they continue to be a favorite among many people today. These brushes have one end that's covered in bristles, allowing you to scrub the inside of the toilet very effectively and remove built-up stains. Usually, you will apply a liquid cleaner (often containing bleach or some other chemical) to the inside rim of the bowl and allow it to drip down and coat the entire basin. After letting the cleaner sit for the recommended length of time, you can then use the brush to scrub the bowl before flushing any remnants. Many of these toilet bowl brushes also come with a storage cover to keep the bristled end enclosed when it's not in use--preventing odor and germ buildup.

All-in-One Toilet Bowl Brushes

Though they are much newer on the market, all-in-one toilet bowl brushes have really taken off over the last few years. These products typically consist of a wand or handle, to which you can attach a disposable head. The heads themselves already have a cleansing solution within them, so they can do the job of a liquid cleaner while also doubling as a brush. Many people prefer these all-in-one brushes to traditional brushes because they make the process of cleaning the toilet very quick and easy. Others still prefer the traditional method because a single bottle of toilet bowl cleaner usually lasts longer than each pack of replacement heads for an all-in-one brush.

No matter which method of cleaning you prefer, it's easy to find the toilet bowl brush you need (as well as additional products like cleansers and replacement heads) here at Walgreens.

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