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Toilet Paper

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Toilet Paper

Toilet paper is a staple in your household, and finding the right style for you has never been easier. At Walgreens, we offer an array of toilet paper styles for your needs, whether you want a single roll, double roll, or mega roll. Plush, quilted, and extra soft, these toilet paper rolls ensure your comfort with every use. Discover your toilet paper options to find the right product for your household today.

Various Sizes

If you believe "the bigger, the better" when it comes to toilet paper rolls, Walgreens has you covered. Today's toilet paper rolls come in a variety of sizes, so finding the right fit for your household is simple. Double rolls -- in other words, two rolls of toilet paper combined into one roll -- offer twice the protection. Mega rolls offer even more squares per roll, making these rolls last even longer. You can also find standard single rolls in some brands, if that style is your preference.

Plush Comfort

Not only is toilet paper available in large quantities, it offers plenty of features to maximize your comfort. Some rolls feature comfort cushions, which make the toilet paper extra soft on your skin. Other rolls include lotion, aloe, and vitamin E, making this toilet paper gentle for even sensitive skin types. In fact, these aloe-infused toilet paper rolls can even soothe irritated skin. Many brands offer toilet paper that is two- or three-ply, and this thickness feels especially soft on your skin.


Another important feature of toilet paper is durability. Some toilet paper styles promise to be four times stronger when they are wet, making them highly durable when you are using them. These types of toilet paper are designed with maximum absorbency in mind, ensuring that every wipe is a clean, mess-free one.


Toilet paper is also designed to ensure it flushes easily without causing any plumbing problems. Many are even safe for septic tanks, so shop for the brand that is suitable for your home.

Other Features

Toilet paper at Walgreens offers other features as well. You can find unscented and unbleached toilet paper for sensitive skin types. Walgreens even offers toilet paper that is 100% recycled, making it an environmentally friendly choice for your family.

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