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Toilet seats

If you or a loved one has difficulties sitting or bending, install toilet seats in your home that raise the height of the seat for easy use. These elevated toilet seats are designed to help you put less stress and strain on your hips and/or knees while sitting and rising. You can choose between different types of materials for your comfort, as well as various heights to meet your specific needs. We carry toilet seats from health care brands such as Drive Medical, Carex and Ableware here at Walgreens.com.

Finding the seat for you

In addition to different heights and materials available, there are toilet seats in both elongated and standard shapes. For extra stability and safety, you can try a raised toilet seats that comes with removable arms. Some toilet seat risers are used in conjunction with your own toilet seat and lid, while others are padded and made for use on their own. Toilet seats with locking functions can help ensure your safety while using the restroom.

For safety and comfort

Customize your bathroom to meet your specific needs. For showering and bathing, there are grab bars that you can install on your tub or on the shower wall for added stability. You can make cleansing easier and more comfortable by placing a bath seat or shower stool in your tub or shower. Some of these bath benches even have convenient holders for handheld shower heads for easy reaching.