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Top coat for nails

Protect your nail color and minimize the chances of chipping your nail polish when you use a top coat for nails. Top coats can provide another layer of shine to your nails, or there are nail top coats that can add a matte finish. Find a formula that suits your needs, whether you want a quick-drying top coat, a nail strenthener or extended wear top coat. Choose from brands such as Sally Hansen, Revlon or Essie to find a nail polish top coat.

Seal and shine

Most top coats for nails add another layer of shine to your nails while they seal in the color. Some top coats are versatile and can double as base coats. Fast-drying top coats can speed up your at-home manicure, while no-chip top coats help make your color last longer. Choose between lacquer, enamel or acrylic formulas.

So many to choose from

There are a multitude of nail colors to choose from here at Walgreens.com. From revved-up reds to pastel pinks, you can find nail polish in almost every color of the rainbow. Bright, bold primary colors and shimmery pastels and neutral shades cover the spectrum of possibilities. You can find polish that matches your outfits, the season or your complexion. We even have French manicure kits so you can get a salon look at home.