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Topical ointments

Topical ointments come in a variety of sizes and styles, each designed to treat a particular condition or type of injury. Many people keep a few different topical ointments in their medicine cabinet or as part of a general first aid kit.

First aid ointments

Topical ointments designed for first aid typically contain some form of pain relief along with an antibiotic ointment that helps prevent infection by killing any bacteria that get in or on the wound. This type of topical ointment is applied directly onto a cut, scrape, or burn. The injury can then be covered with a clean bandage to protect it. Other topical ointments that may be used to treat common health conditions include hemorrhoid ointments, antifungal ointments, and topical pain relief ointments. Some topical ointments include ingredients such as aloe to provide soothing natural relief and hydration in addition to the medication in the ointment.

Topical ointments for colds

Another type of topical ointment is the chest rub. Chest rubs are topical ointments that include aromatic components designed to relieve congestion and reduce coughing when inhaled or rubbed on the skin. To use a chest rub, simply apply a thick layer on the chest and throat. The medicated vapors rise up from the chest and enter the nose, clearing congestion and relieving pain. Chest rubs may be used simultaneously with other cough and cold medicine or pain relievers for additional relief of cold symptoms.