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Toy Trucks For Kids

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Toy Trucks For Kids

Dump trucks! Garbage trucks! Monster trucks! Kids love all kinds of trucks! There's nothing more impressive to a young child than seeing big trucks at work and at play. Their power on a construction site as they scoop up big piles of earth and haul them away, the excitement of a monster truck racing around a track or across a dirt course, or the deep rumbling sounds they make as they roar down the road -- big trucks get every child's attention. That's why truck toys are some of the favorite playthings for boys and girls. Toy trucks give kids a feeling of their own power as they re-create what they see these big machines can do and perhaps imagine growing up to drive one of the real ones, someday.

Kids at Work

Little hands come with big imaginations, and toy trucks make a perfect fit for both. Whether on the living room rug or bedroom floor, in the sandbox, on the lawn or even, for some toys, in the bath -- every play time becomes an exciting adventure with a toy truck. How much sand can that big truck move? What can be loaded into that dump truck? Can that monster truck really make that fantastic "jump" across those blocks? They'll soon become lost in the stories they make up as they "drive" their big rigs, going about their important work -- complete with motor sounds. More than imagination gets exercised.

The bright colors and interesting shapes provide visual stimulation, while moving the toy trucks around helps advance their hand-eye coordination. Playing with other kids in a truck race or helping each other in an important construction project builds their sense of cooperation and sharing. Best of all, it helps develop their skills in creating their own sense of play while getting healthy exercise.

Safe Play

These toy trucks are manufactured to the standards required to keep kids safe. Even so, some toys are made for specific age groups of children. Please read, understand and follow the age guidelines on the packaging and descriptions for individual toys before purchasing and giving a toy to a child.

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