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Training Pads

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Training Pads

Teaching your puppy about the places where it is and isn't okay to use the bathroom can be one of the most frustrating parts about getting a new pet. Unfortunately, it can take most dogs a while to grasp what housetraining is all about, and your home d?cor might pay the price during the process. Here at Walgreens, we have a wide selection of puppy training pads that can help you housetrain your dog more effectively.

Should I Use Training Pads for My Puppy?

While many new dog owners try to skip right to housebreaking their furry friends by insisting they only do their business outside, others find that the intermediate step of using training pads works better. With their strong scent, these absorbent pads make dogs want to go to the bathroom. Strategically placing them inside the house may help save your floors and furniture. Training pads can be especially useful if you aren't going to be home often enough to let your puppy out each time it needs to poop or pee. They can also be useful if you live somewhere without a yard and aren't able to let your dog out at will.

How to Use Training Pads

Since most dogs will develop better bladder control as they move past the puppy stage, training pads are usually only a middle step toward full housetraining. If you want your pup to understand how these products are supposed to work, it's important that you follow a few simple steps when introducing them. Always keep the pads in the same area of the house so that your canine companion doesn't get confused. You should also physically move your pup over to the pad if he or she starts to show signs of getting ready to go.

Positive reinforcement is generally considered more effective than scolding, so be sure to offer your dog plenty of praise and treats when it uses the pad without prompting. Once your dog has mastered using pads indoors, you can start taking it outside with you and putting it on the ground to encourage the behavior in the yard or on walks.

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