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Transport wheelchairs

The choice of a transport wheelchair is a very important decision for independent mobility and freedom of movement. At Walgreens we carry a wide range of transport wheelchairs and accessories to make any journey easier. With so many options available today, they allow you to take control over the decisions regarding what matches your needs for comfort, safety and transport. Mobility is such an important part of life, whether it's a trip out in public or a visit to a physician, the right transport wheelchair can make sure that every trip can be comfortable, safe and easy, no matter where you go. The right transport wheelchair and the right supplies can help you meet the goal of making your daily expeditions into places that are not always wheelchair-friendly as easy as possible. Ease of mobility makes the choice of a transport wheelchair an important decision.

Transport wheelchair accessories

A transport wheelchair should be lightweight and easy to store and transport, whether it's in your van, car or a public bus. There is a variety of seating pads and styles, plus some great choices in colors. Transport wheelchair seating pads are designed to take the pressure off your hips and extremities to maximize comfort and reduce pressure. We also carry power seats to use on your wheelchair, sofa or armchair to help you rise from the chair with minimal effort. Don't forget the take-along supplies. We have a wide range of cup holders to help you carry a drink with you wherever you go. We also carry the necessary tie-downs to meet your local bus or van needs. There are torso vests available, too, to provide you with everything you need from medications to oxygen, or simply a newspaper, magazine or novel. Walgreens also carries attachable trays which can be a convenient way to eat meals or to use a laptop computer or a notebook. We carry everything you need to ensure your safety and to overcome each obstacle you may come across when you venture forth into the world.