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Travel scooters

You can take your mobility aid with you almost anywhere if you choose travel scooters for easier transport. These medical scooters can be folded and unfolded for storage and travel. They can also help you get around an airport, other indoor spaces or outdoors. You can choose between 3-wheel and 4-wheel scooters in different colors, sizes and seat types. Among our selection, you'll find travel scooters from brand Pride to help keep traveling enjoyable.

Choosing a scooter

To find a mobility scooter for you, choose from the features that matter most to you. If you need extra legroom, you can choose a scooter with three or four wheels that has a curved tiller for taller users. Browse the battery powers and ranges available, and their accessibility. Also determine if you need a battery that you can charge whether it is in or out of the scooter for convenience. If you need assistance getting on and off the scooter, you can use a swivel seat scooter that allows for easier access. Both three- and four-wheel scooters can offer maneuverability and stability.

Other mobility aids

For assistance getting around when you're not using your travel scooter, browse our assortment of mobility equipment. You can find walking aids such as canes, walkers and rollators that have large wheels. Choose between tall crutches, bariatric crutches and forearm crutches. There are also many aids to daily living, such as knee braces and supports. Bathroom safety bars and more are available to help you be more safely mobile.