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Travel Wheelchair

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Travel wheelchair

Wheelchairs are designed to help those with disabilities and those who walk with difficulty to maintain their mobility, but a bulky, traditional wheelchair can limit a person's ability to travel. A heavy wheelchair can be difficult to transport, creating challenges when it comes time for individuals to travel or even enjoy outings close to home. Engineered specifically for ease of use while on the go, travel wheelchairs address this problem with their innovative designs. These chairs are much lighter in weight than traditional wheelchairs, so they can be easily moved and shifted when users get in and out of vehicles. Most models also fold, allowing them to be easily stowed for transportation. The right travel wheelchair can make it possible for you or your loved one to enjoy an active life, see the world or just make more frequent trips into the community. At, we carry a selection of high quality travel wheelchairs with a variety of features and in a number of seat sizes, so that you can find the ideal chair and have it conveniently shipped to your home.

Travel wheelchair attributes

Travel wheelchairs come in many different styles to suit the needs of the disabled and those with limited mobility. A transport travel wheelchair is ideal for an individual who will be pushed while on an outing or on a trip, and there are also styles intended for self-propulsion and independent use. Chairs may differ in the types of tires that they feature in their designs, making them suited for use on different types of terrains. Top-of-the-line models typically offer the most features and may have more ways in which they can be adjusted or more mechanisms or design inclusions to make them more comfortable or easier to push. If you're not certain what type of travel wheelchair is right for you or your loved one, or need advice about what types of features are must-haves for your or their unique needs, discuss your concerns with your doctor. Once you have received his or her advice, you can return to and get the best travel wheelchair at a great price. We even carry special accessories that can be used with travel wheelchairs or traditional wheelchair models to make traveling with a wheelchair even easier.

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