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For precision plucking, we have a wide selection of tweezers to help you get the job done. Different edges, grips and sizes give you choices to help find the pair that will work best for you. There are slant tip tweezers to help secure the hair you're trying to remove and rubber or textured tweezer grips for easier handling. Most tweezers are made of stainless steel for stable alignment and long-lasting quality.

Tweezer choices

There are alternates to typical tweezers that you can use to trim your brows. Brow shapers can make your sculpting job easier, using blades for shaping rather than traditional plucking. Slant tip tweezers also come in a form similar to scissors for easier gripping and manageability for those that have joint or muscle pain in their hands. Additionally you will find compact tweezers that can fit in your purse or a pocket for easier portability.