Ty Beanie Babies

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TY Beanie Babies

Add the newest stuffed animal to your child's TY Beanie Babies collection so he or she has the complete TY menagerie to enjoy. This classic animal toy can be a child's best friend or an adult's reminder of the joys of childhood. Choose from many different animals to find your child's favorite animal or collect them all.

Plush toys for children

TY Beanie Babies are the popular stuffed animals that children love to treat as friends. Each animal has a name and a date of birth to spur your child's imagination. TY Beanie Babies also come with their own poems to identify the characteristics of each animal. Classic Beanie Babies are available, such as Webleg the Frog and Oasis the Tiger, as well as newer members of the animal kingdom. These plush toys are appropriate for children ages three and up, so you can tuck your youngster into bed with his or her favorite Beanie Baby and know that the toy is a safe product to accompany your child to dreamland. Beanie Boos are also part of the Beanie Babies collection, featuring adorable baby animal models that your children will love.

TY Beanie Babies are perfect for toy collectors

TY Beanie Babies also appeal to the toy collector. These stuffed toys are handmade with quality materials, demonstrating some of the best toy construction in the industry. TY Beanie Babies are also a popular cultural phenomenon, making these children's toys the perfect collectable. Collect them all, but make sure that each Beanie Baby has a heart-shaped TY tag so you can prove its authenticity.