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Under Eye Concealer

Get bright and alert eyes, even when you haven't slept, with the right under eye concealer product for your skin tone. Although the differences between under eye concealer powder and under eye concealer cream are subtle, choosing the best one for your complexion is crucial to improving the look of the skin around the eyes.

Brighter eyes with the swoop of a brush

Under eye powders and creams from brands, such as Revlon, Almay and Covergirl, smooth delicate skin to make it appear toned and healthy. Using an effective regenerating cream under your eyes also helps to create an ageless look. Under eye concealer powder is ideal for oily skin because the powder consistency dries the skin slightly and makes for long-lasting wear. Under eye concealer cream, on the other hand, works best on dry skin types; the liquid makes complexions appear supple and keeps concealer from appearing cake-y.