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Unscented hairspray

Unscented hairspray is perfect for people who are very sensitive to smell. You can eliminate the chances of any conflict between the fragrances of other personal care products by using a scent-free hair spray. Unscented hairspray allows you to get your desired style instantly without muting other scents you are wearing. Here at Walgreens.com, we carry unscented hairspray from well-known brands such as Aqua Net and Suave.

Unscented shaping hair spray

Shaping hairspray is great for styling control and building volume. You can easily define the shape and add shine by using a shaping hair spray. The hair spray brushes through for easy restyling. This type of unscented hairspray usually produces a fast-drying ultra-fine mist, which is perfect for giving shape and body while blow-drying.

Unscented hair spray with a stronger hold

Extra hold hairspray and super hold hairspray allows you to create more challenging styles easily. Extra hold spray provides a strong hold without hampering the natural movement of your hair. Super hold hairspray provides an extra firm but flexible hold for all day styling support. Super hold hairspray is perfect for both setting and styling. These kinds of unscented hairsprays lock vital moisture in and keep unwarranted humidity out.