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Unscented Soap

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Unscented soap

Feel fresh and clean without unwanted fragrances by choosing an unscented soap that will work for your needs. Whether bathing, shaving or washing your hands, enjoy a variety of soaps that offer effective, traditional cleansing power without lingering scents or potential skin problems that can arise from scented soaps.

Fragrance-free bar soaps

For the basic versatility you need, choose unscented soap in bar form. If you have a sensitive complexion, strong fragrances can aggravate your skin. Fragrance-free soaps that are designed for sensitive skin usually feature ingredients that gently nourish and protect your skin. Unscented bar soap with hypoallergenic ingredients gives your complexion a deep, rejuvenating clean while also lowering the risk of breakouts. Unscented soap with extra moisturizing ingredients is especially useful for dry complexions or to restore softness and moisture to your skin during cold weather.

Liquid soap and shave soap

In addition to everyday cleansing, unscented soap can also be useful during your typical grooming routine. Fragrance-free shave soap builds up a gentle, protective lather against your skin to help you enjoy a smooth shave. Most unscented shave soaps contain nourishing emollients that prevent razor nicks or other aggravation. If you typically prefer liquid soaps to bar soaps, you can find unscented soap in liquid form as well. Fragrance-free liquid soaps often feature mild, natural ingredients and can be used for hands, body or even hair. Without harsh fragrances, liquid soap is especially versatile and can easily transfer from the sink to the shower.

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