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Unscented solid deodorant

Stay clean, fresh and dry with unscented solid deodorant. These deodorants are ideal for those with sensitive skin, since they don't contain fragrances that can cause irritation. An added benefit of wearing unscented solid deodorant is that it won't clash or mix with your favorite perfume or cologne. Choose an unscented solid deodorant from brands such as Dry Idea, Secret and Arm & Hammer for lasting odor protection.

Fresh and dry

Because many unscented solid deodorants are also antiperspirants, they can help keep you dry while preventing odor. Solid deodorants generally go on clear and dry and some are activated by body heat. In addition to this form, you can find unscented roll on, gel and spray deodorants.

Cleansing and more

Additional care for sensitive skin includes fragrance-free soaps and sensitive skin body wash that can cleanse without causing dryness or irritation. Lotions and moisturizers also come in unscented varieties, so you can hydrate your skin gently without mixing multiple fragrances.