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Vaginal Itch Cream

Itching is an uncomfortable and sometimes embarrassing symptom, especially when it involves private areas like the vagina. At Walgreens, we offer a selection of products that can help provide relief for vaginal itching. These products are formulated with ingredients that can help soothe itching and burning caused by minor vaginal irritation. Best of all, they're available without a prescription.

What's In Vaginal Itch Creams?

Anti-itch creams and gels are formulated with ingredients that temporarily ease irritation and itching. One ingredient in some vaginal gels and creams is benzocaine, a compound that helps relieve itch by numbing the area. Benzocaine is an ingredient in a variety of topical medicines used to treat itching and pain. It's appropriate for pain and itching due to skin conditions like burns, bites, stings and sunburn. Many vaginal anti-itch creams and gels also contain ingredients that help control odor and have a light, clean scent.

Other Soothing Ingredients

Because itchy vaginal tissues are typically irritated and inflamed, vaginal creams may contain ingredients like aloe vera that bathe the itchy areas in a layer of protective moisture. Some are enriched with soothing herbs and plant derivatives like allantoin, a skin conditioning agent and skin protectant. Do you have sensitive skin? Parabens are an ingredient in some skin care products and vaginal creams and gels that may irritate sensitive skin. Fortunately, paraben-free vaginal gels are available. The ingredients in these products have been allergy tested and deemed to be hypoallergenic.

Extra-Strength Solutions

Maximum-strength and ultra-therapy vaginal creams and gels are available for relief of tough vaginal irritation and itching. Some of these products contain ingredients like miconazole to help kill vaginal yeast and restore balance. Anti-itch creams formulated with cortisone can reduce inflammation and help control even heavy-duty itching. These products may contain other ingredients like soothing moisturizers and vitamins that condition the skin.

Anti-Itch Medicated Wipes

Vaginal itch relief for women comes in other forms as well. Anti-itch medicated wipes are formulated with a medicated ingredient that can soothe irritated, inflamed vaginal tissues quickly. The unique combination of ingredients in these products moisturize, relieve itching and irritation and help control odor. Best of all, they're fast and simple to use. After using a towelette, simply dispose of it. Anti-itch medicated wipes are easy to carry with you on a trip or to the office - just in case. Don't forget to keep some in your medicine cabinet.

How to Use Vaginal Itch Creams Correctly

Always read the directions carefully before using a vaginal anti-itch cream, gel or wipe. These products are made for external use and for adults and children age 12 and over. For children younger than 12, consult a doctor or health care provider.