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VapoRub ointments

Use VapoRub ointments to get relief from muscle aches and from symptoms of the common cold. The soothing vapors may help you get a better night's sleep so you can feel refreshed for the day ahead. Walgreens.com has several chest rubs from VapoRub.

Cough suppressant

Vicks VapoRub ointments are typically used as cough suppressants. When rubbed onto the chest and throat, the ointment releases vapors near the nose and mouth to help clear congestion. The thick layer of ointment also serves as a topical analgesic, which makes it great for sore muscles. The thick layer of ointment continues to work when covered with a dry cloth, so you can easily keep your clothing or bedding clean while you sleep. Because they are topical medications, Vicks VapoRub ointments can usually be used in conjunction with oral medications. Apply the ointment up to three times per 24 hours for relief throughout the day.

Selecting a VapoRub ointment

VapoRub ointments are available in different container sizes, allowing you to purchase just the right amount for your needs. Select a small container of the cold medication if you need help alleviating the symptoms of a cold. Opt for the large container if you frequently need a topical analgesic or if the family has caught a bug. VapoRub is available as a lemon-scented ointment in addition to the standard form. Consider pairing it with other cold remedies and products, such as throat lozenges and tissues, to stay feeling your best as you overcome your cold and congestion.