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Vera Wang Princess Perfume

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Vera Wang Princess Perfume

You may not be living the life of a fairy tale princess since that only happens in fairy tales, but you can smell like a princess with Vera Wang Princess Eau de Toilette. But more than that, when you wear these sparkling, floral scents, you'll discover the real magic within your own life. So whether you are young, old, or somewhere in between, have a sophisticated elegance or a down to earth simplicity, Vera Wang perfume can help you discover the modern-day princess in you.

Fruity and Floral

Fresh fruit and flowers give the Vera Wang Princess perfumes their sweet fresh aromas that make women feel like royalty. The amazing scent of tart lady apples along with tahitian tiare flower and vanilla chiffon are blended so exquisitely in Vera Wang Princess that you'll want to wear it every day. When looking to attract prince charming, try Vera Wang Princess Power with its blend of lively pears, apricot blossoms, and a dash of raspberry juice. But it's the heart of this powerful fragrance -- jasmine, rose, musk, soft vanilla -- that makes it absolutely irresistible. The perfume is available in a 3.4 oz bottle as well as a 1.7 oz spray.

About Vera Wang

Native New Yorker, Vera Wang, changed the bridal industry in 1990 when she opened her flagship boutique in the Carlyle Hotel in New York City. As a fashion designer, her style and creativity has led to numerous awards, including the FiFi Award in 2002 for her first perfume, Vera Wang Princess. But whether designing bridal gowns, couture, fragrances, or ready-to-wear clothing, Vera Wang is recognized for her unmatched customer appeal, high-quality collections, and outstanding customer service.

The Nose Knows

Did you know that a perfume smells differently on each person who wears it? Everyone's unique skin chemistry affects how a particular scent unfolds on their skin. So, don't purchase a perfume because it smells good on your friend. Make sure it smells great on you. When sampling, wait ten minutes to let the alcohol evaporate and allow the fragrance to blend with your chemistry before making your decision. However, for a fairy tale ending to your shopping trip, be sure to try Vera Wang Princess perfume.

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