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Vibrating Rings

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Vibrating Rings

You and your partner both deserve to fully enjoy intimate experiences together. If one of you is struggling to perform or enjoy a satisfying climax during intercourse, you may experience tension and stress in your relationship. Fortunately, there are simple ways that you can enhance the experience for both of you. Vibrating rings are one way to spice up intercourse and help you both enjoy the moment. At Walgreens, we offer many types of vibrating rings and will ship your order in discreet packaging to protect your privacy.

What is a Vibrating Ring?

A vibrating ring is a type of sexual toy that is used during vaginal intercourse. The toy consists of a ring that is made out of silicone or a similar material. The ring is designed to stretch slightly, so that it can be rolled over the penis and worn at the base of the shaft with a tight fit. Attached to the ring is a battery-operated, motorized bullet. Some vibrating rings can be opened up to replace the battery when it becomes drained or feature rechargeable batteries. Others are designed to be thrown away when the battery becomes depleted.

Vibrating Rings for Her Pleasure

Vibrating rings can greatly enhance the feeling of vaginal intercourse for women. The bullet-shaped attachment is designed to press against the clitoris during sex. The vibrations that it produces stimulate this sensitive spot to add new sensations to the experience. Some women find it difficult to climax during intercourse and may be able to finally achieve orgasms with the help of a vibrating ring. The clitoral stimulation may also help to improve natural lubrication to make sex more comfortable for both partners. Even women who can climax from vaginal penetration alone may find that their orgasms are more powerful when a ring is used.

Benefits of Vibrating Rings for Him

A vibrating ring is also beneficial for the male partner who wears it. The ring exerts pressure at the base of the penis, which may help to restrict blood flow out of the shaft. As a result, men who struggle to maintain an erection during sex may be able to perform better with the help of a ring. Many men also find that the pressure caused by the vibrating ring delays their climaxes to allow intercourse to continue for longer periods of time. Some also report that orgasms feel more powerful due to the pressure from a ring.

Specialty Styles of Vibrating Rings

In addition to the classic vibrating ring style, there are specialty versions available that offer additional benefits. Double vibrating rings have a second bullet incorporated in their designs. The extra bullet stimulates the perineum, the area of skin that is situated behind the vagina or testicles. Both men and women may find extra stimulation in this area pleasurable. You can also find vibrating rings that are worn on the tongue rather than the penis. These sexual toys are designed to add new sensations to oral sex for men and for women and are worn by the partner performing the act.

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