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Vibrators For Men

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Vibrators For Men

Your sexual satisfaction can contribute to your overall quality of life and can help you relieve stress and be at your best. Whether you're looking for ways to enhance the experience when you're with a partner or to add to your pleasure during self-stimulation, vibrators for men and other sexual toys can help increase your satisfaction. At Walgreens, we have a wide assortment of sex toys for men, all of which can be discreetly shipped to you in order to help keep your personal life private.

Traditional Vibrators for His Pleasure

Traditional vibrators for men are motorized toys that produce rapid, small motions when turned on. Most often, vibrators for men are used for prostate stimulation either to reach a climax or to enhance arousal prior to intercourse. Traditional penis-shaped shaft vibrators can be used for anal insertion and to simulate anal intercourse alone or with a partner. Men can also purchase special prostate stimulating vibrators. These toys feature curved bodies and rounded tips that are specially engineered to maximize contact with the prostate through the wall of the rectum. Experts recommend that lubricant always be used with men's vibrators to ensure safe insertion and prevent injury.

Other Anal Toys for Experimental Play

Many men who are looking for sex toys for anal stimulation choose toys that do not vibrate. One such toy is the butt plug, a bullet made of silicone, vinyl or a similar material. The bullet is typically covered with lubricant and then inserted into the anus. A flange on the opposite end holds it in place for hands-free enjoyment. Men may then engage in intercourse or masturbation while enjoying the added sensation of prostate stimulation. Butt plugs come in different lengths and girths. Typically, men who are new to anal play should begin with smaller toys and then progress to larger ones.

Strokers, Cups and Sleeves for Self-Stimulation

Men who are more interested in improving the sensation of masturbation may wish to choose strokers, cups or sleeves over vibrators. Strokers and sleeves are sheaths that are slid over the penis to increase the amount of pressure on the head and shaft during self-stimulation. Many of these toys are textured to add to a man's pleasure. Cups are used similarly to strokers and sleeves; however, they have a closed end rather than an open tube shape. Many men find that applying a lubricant prior to using a stroker, cup or sleeve makes the experience feel more like intercourse.

Penis Pumps and Rings for Improved Performance

If erectile dysfunction is a concern, penis pumps and rings could be beneficial. A penis pump is a tube attached to a vacuum pump. When the penis is inserted into the tube and the pump is squeezed, the suction created may help to harden and lengthen the penis. Once the penis pump is removed, men can then engage in intercourse or masturbation. Penis rings are worn at the base of the penis and reduce blood flow into the shaft. This may help erections last longer. Some penis rings also include vibrating bullets that provide clitoral stimulation for a female partner during vaginal intercourse.

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