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Wahl Shavers

Use Wahl shavers to keep your hair neatly groomed between haircuts. With the proper shaver, you can cut your hair to any desired length, and then style it in the shape of your choice for a smooth appearance that looks as though you've just stepped from a barber's chair.

Maintain your hair between haircuts

Wahl shavers can be used to maintain the appearance of your hairstyle with a collection of haircutting attachments. Each comb attachment connects to the head of your hair clipper for use in removing a specific length of hair with each cutting pass. All that's needed is to select the appropriate comb attachment for the length that you wish to remove, and then you can use the easily controlled cordless shaver to remove the hair quickly and efficiently to erase the growth that occurs between barbershop visits.

Professional haircuts in your home

With the use of a variety of Wahl shavers you can cut out visits to the barbers altogether. Electric Wahl shavers can handle even large cutting jobs, shaping and styling your hair to create the look you want, rather than just maintaining a cut already in place. There are also cordless trimmers available from Wahl that can provide more detailed cuts for sharp edging around hairlines, or for trimming beards and mustaches. With Wahl shavers, you can keep your hair looking perfect at all times, regardless of your hairstyle of choice.