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Walgreens calcium supplements

Walgreens calcium supplements are an economical way to get extra calcium that helps build and preserve strong bones. The full line of Walgreens calcium supplements includes different strengths and formats of this essential mineral.

Calcium supplements from Walgreens

Calcium supplements from Walgreens include traditional as well as chewable calcium tablets. Walgreens calcium supplements in tablet form are available in 500-milligram and 600-milligram strengths. Formulas are available that combine calcium with vitamin D3 or with vitamin D3 and other essential minerals. Other Walgreens calcium supplements are based on calcium citrate, which is easier to absorb than traditional calcium. Walgreens also offers calcium combined with a dietary fiber supplement, as well as calcium softchews, flavored with caramel or chocolate, that are ideal for people who find it difficult to swallow pills. Calcium-based antacids that are chewable and rich in calcium are available from Walgreens, and they represent another alternative to traditional calcium supplements.

Choosing Walgreens calcium supplements

If you are already taking a calcium supplement, switching to Walgreens calcium supplements of the same strength and type can save you money without your having to compromise on the quality of your mineral supplement. Walgreens calcium supplements are laboratory tested to ensure quality and full potency, and most varieties are free of artificial ingredients as well as lactose and other ingredients that may cause allergies. Your doctor or a qualified nutrition expert can help you choose between the different types of Walgreens calcium supplements if you are not sure which particular supplement is right for you or your family.