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Walgreens Cold Remedies

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Walgreens cough remedies

Find relief from coughing and chest congestion with Walgreens cough remedies. There are expectorants to help loosen mucus so you can cough it out more easily. Liquid, tablet and packets you mix with water all offer multi-symptom cold relief that includes a cough suppressant. Find the form you prefer, and in some cases, the flavor, of Walgreens cough remedies for easy home delivery.

Throat and chest remedies

When you're fighting a cold, check out the symptom list on Walgreens cough remedies to determine which one will address all of your needs. Some cough remedies are for daytime relief and others are for nighttime rest. You can also find cold liquids and tablets for day and night packaged together for around-the-clock relief.

Fighting the flu

Some medications are combined cold and flu medicines because there are often overlapping symptoms. Flu medicines usually include ingredients to help fight fever and alleviate aches and pains. You can find regular formulas and maximum strength formulas depending on the severity of your illness.

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