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Walker Accessories

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Walker accessories

You can find help staying independent with walker accessories. Carry your own items in walker baskets, bags or walker trays that can have cup holders. There are walker coasters that can make it easier to move over different surfaces. Choose your walker accessories from our selection that includes brands Essential Medical Supply, Medline and Nova.

Stability and safety

If you use a wheeled walker, you can also find replacement walker wheels here at Walker tips can help you stay stable as you move. There is even a walker flashlight that you attach to your handles to help illuminate dark spaces for your safety and convenience.

Choosing your walker

Besides these walker accessories, you'll also find a variety of walkers to choose from. Standard walkers can be best for maximum stability. For added mobility or outdoor use on uneven surfaces, choose a wheeled walker with two wheels in front. If you're able to control a rolling walker, you can get the most mobility from four-wheel rollators. Be sure to select a walker that can shorten or extend to the height you need. If you need extra support try heavy duty walkers and bariatric walkers that can support up to 650 pounds.

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