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Warrior Costume

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Warrior Costume

Getting your little one in fighting garb is easy with warrior costumes created from the fantastic legends and stories of worthy battles from the past. Our costumes are available in sizes for children and adults. Isn't it time to get ready to lead your warriors into battle?

Imaginative and Inspired Costumes

Walgreens offers creative designs that range from ninjas to vikings, each of which is fashioned to allow your youngster to pretend to scale walls to defeat mythical characters, defend themselves against wild creatures, enter the fortress with the stealth of a ninja warrior, or move covertly on a path to complete their important mission.


When it is time to be creative with your costuming needs, you'll want a bejeweled, embellished, or thrilling outfit that creates an authentic appearance with the outfits and accessories provided in your purchase. Sometimes life just seems better in costume, even if it is just for a Halloween party, dress-up fun, or historical themed event. Whether you want to present yourself as fierce, feisty, clever, or strong, one of our exciting costumes is perfect!

Accessorizing Your Warrior Costumes

In most cases, your costume includes most of the items you'll need to create the perfect look of a noble warrior, gingerbread warrior, Spartan warrior, Viking warrior, or ninja avenger. Some of the accessories you'll find with our costumes include arm guards, boot covers, chain mail, sashes, belts, arm cuffs, helmets, capes, faux leather straps, tunics and any and all items to make you look authentically fierce. In many cases, all you'll need to provide is a pair of shoes and socks!

Care of Your Costumes

Washing instructions and fabric content are included on the packaging. One suggestion that is helpful in keeping your costumes looking their best is to launder them by hand immediately after wearing them. You can line dry the outfits in a shady location to prevent fading and shrinkage.

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