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Watch Batteries

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Watch Batteries

While archaic watches needed to be manually wound in order to keep time, these products were replaced by battery-operated varieties many years ago. Today, wristwatches--and countless other small electronics--are powered by small but powerful batteries that have their own unique properties. Here at Walgreens, we have a wide selection of watch batteries from popular brands like Energizer that can be used in a very wide range of devices.

What Are Watch Batteries?

Unlike the long cylindrical batteries you're used to using for most electronic devices in your home, watch batteries are round and squat. Depending on their diameters, they might technically be known as either button cell or coin cell batteries because of the common household items they resemble. These products have a reputation for being very long-lasting--often holding their charge for as long as one year, even with continuous use.

There are several different types of watch batteries that are made with various elements like silver oxide, mercury, zinc, or lithium. Because exposure to several of these chemicals can be dangerous if they start to leak from their metal containers, you should always handle watch batteries with care and keep them away from children.

Uses for Watch Batteries

Though they are typically referred to as "watch batteries," button cell and coin cell batteries actually have several applications beyond just being used to power both digital and analog wristwatches. Many small devices used in personal healthcare--such as glucometers, hearing aids, and digital thermometers--make use of these types of batteries because of their compact size.

Other personal electronics that often rely on watch batteries include laser pointers, calculators, keyless entry devices for cars, garage door openers, and more. The most important step you can take when shopping for a battery to power one of these products is to check the owner's manual to find out exactly what type is recommended. Even if more than one battery type will fit in your device, using the wrong one could damage the product or cause it to malfunction.

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