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Water Sports

From the perfect sunscreen to a new inflatable beach ball, packing your tote with the right water sports accessories is crucial to a successful day at the pool, beach or lake. Ocean Potion, Band-Aid and other brands deliver water sports accessories and products that help you enjoy any activity. Water-proof bandages protect childhood injuries, while swim gear helps tots stay afloat. Select a variety of water sports equipment to ensure that your active kids expend their energy while in the water.

Invite kids of all ages to enjoy the waves

Don't let anyone miss out on the excitement this summer. Whether you are diving into the depths of a lake or splashing at the local pool, swim aids ensure everyone participates safely. Flip boards, arm floats and rings are common tools for children learning to swim. Encourage nervous swimmers to jump in or brave the depths by incorporating swim toys like dive rings, floating hoops and foam noodles into play.