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Weight Gainer Powders

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Weight Gainer Powders

If you're looking to bulk up and gain lean muscle mass, most doctors agree that the best approach is to combine strengthening exercise with a healthy diet. Many people who are trying to gain weight in the form of healthy muscle rather than unwanted body fat may need extra dietary support to achieve their goals. At Walgreens, we can help you enhance your nutritional plan with an assortment of high quality weight gainer powders produced by reputable brands.

What Is a Weight Gainer?

A weight gainer supplement is a type of oral nutritional formula that is added to one's diet in order to support weight gain. There are many types of weight gainer supplements on the market today. Formulas may contain a wide variety of ingredients to produce results for users. Many products contain protein, a nutrient that is needed to build and repair muscle tissue. Supplements may also provide amino acids, nutritional building blocks that are used by the body to assemble proteins. The mineral chromium is a common ingredient in weight gainer products, as it is believed by many scientists to play a role in the development of lean muscle. Products may also contain creatine, vanadium, boron and other nutrients believed by some to help assist with or stimulate muscle cell production.

What Are Weight Gainers Used for?

Weight gainer supplements may be used by individuals with a variety of fitness and health goals. Often, they are used by people who want to enhance their physiques by promoting the development of bigger muscles in their arms, chests, abdomens, backs and legs. These types of supplements may be used by athletes who want to move into a higher weight class for competition or by individuals who are naturally underweight and have been advised by their doctors to put on muscle mass to improve their overall health. Doctors may recommend weight gainers for individuals who are experiencing a poor appetite or weight loss due to a medical condition or medical treatments, such as chemotherapy.

Do Weight Gainers Work?

It is important to note that while many people do successfully increase muscle mass with weight gainer supplements, the benefits of these types of products are still being studied. As a result, there is no guarantee that any one particular formula will be effective for all individuals.

Why Weight Gainer Powder?

Weight gainer supplements come in different forms. Powdered formulations are among the most popular types. Powdered supplements are dissolved in water or other liquids and then enjoyed as a shake or smoothie. With a powdered supplement, you can customize dosing to adhere to your doctor or trainer's guidelines by adjusting the amount of powder that you add to your preferred liquid. You can find powdered supplements in many delicious flavors and in unflavored varieties to suit your tastes.

Are Weight Gain Powders Safe?

Health experts recommend that those interested in weight gainer powders consult their physicians before taking any type of supplement. A doctor can help you set a healthy weight gain goal, monitor your progress and assist you with developing a complete fitness and nutritional plan to achieve your goals.

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