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Wellness Dog Food

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Wellness dog food

When you bring a dog into your home, you should feed that dog wellness dog food, which keeps your pet healthy and strong. You can use wet dog food or dry dog food, depending on the preference of your pet and your budget. Walgreens carries a full range of pet food and supplies from leading brands like Purina and Alpo.

Choosing wet dog food

Some people refer to wet dog food as canned dog food, but it now comes in other forms, including small tins and pouches. Wet dog food mixes a variety of different ingredients together with a gravy poured over the top. The pet food comes in several different flavors such as chicken, beef stew, pot roast and grilled chicken. You can also find some wellness dog food that adds vegetables to the meat and gravy. Canned dog food is a good choice for puppies and older dogs because these pets have softer teeth and cannot easily chew dry food.

Dry dog food

Wellness dog food also comes in a dry dog food option. When shopping for dry pet food, read the ingredient label carefully. The label should list meat as one of the top ingredients. Pet food that contains corn or wheat as the top ingredient will not fill your pet up, and this food may cause your pet to lose weight. If your pet has problems chewing the food, try adding a small amount of water to the food, which softens the harder pieces. After your pet finishes its wellness dog food, consider giving it a dog treat as a reward.

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