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Wheelchair Cup Holder

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Wheelchair cup holder

Toting a beverage in a wheelchair-or while steering a walker or some other assistive movement apparatus-can be a challenge without the right accessory. Cups have a disagreeable tendency to tumble when they're being transported on a tray, leaving you drenched in cold-or, worse, steaming hot-liquid. That can certainly be annoying; it can also be altogether dangerous if you're dealing with a scalding substance. At the very least, when your drinks are unsecured they may be sliding about and shaking unnervingly as you're on the move. None of that is acceptable, of course: you don't need to be stressing out about something as mundane as a cup of tea or a glass of milk as you go about your daily business. Fortunately, Walgreens carries a variety of wheelchair cup holders perfectly up to the challenge. With these accoutrements, you needn't worry about spilling that coffee or juice as you cruise along: your beverage will be safely and securely housed even as it's easily accessible.

Attributes of wheelchair cup holders

Some of the products may be standalone cup holders that affix to a wheelchair via clamps, Velcro, or other means; these connectors can usually adjust to different-sized attachment surfaces. Other cup holders are built into connectable plates or tables that themselves attach to the wheelchair. Wheelchair cup holders are commonly universal in design to accommodate most dimensions of beverage container-a flexibility enabled by adjustable braces, removable inserts, or other features. Still other design variations may include cup-and-holder sets and drinking tubes. Again, these accessories aren't solely for use with wheelchairs: they can also come in handy joined to motorized scooters, bedrails, walkers, rollators, and the like. You'll find a great diversity of cup-holder designs and styles here at Walgreens. Selecting the right one for you comes down to your practical needs, but also-not insignificantly-to your aesthetic sensibilities. Read through the specifications as well as the customer reviews-at their best, a rich mine of information-and see what grabs your attention. Don't let an unstable beverage ruin your day ever again: get yourself a wheelchair cup holder that locks it down and frees your mind to concentrate on the important things.

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